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  • Layering that allows for a heat transfer coefficient of 0,191 W/K

  • Corten Steel metal structure for resistance and modularity

  • Wooden structure for increased flexibility and strength

  • Mineral wool for thermal insulation and soundproofing

  • Faux brick facade

  • Painted drywall finish

  • Laminate wood floor

  • Double glazed thermal insulating windows with PVC profile

  • PVC exterior door

  • Wall-embedded wiring and plumbing

02 Vedere Bucatarie + Privire catre exte
  • Kitchen countertop

  • Kitchen drawers

  • Kitchen sink with faucet

  • Interior walls covered with painted drywall

  • Laminate flooring

  • 4 ambient lights

  • Enough space to furnish it according to your liking

  • Electrical wiring and sanitary system readily installed 

  • Sliding bathroom door

  • Large windows for a bright space

01 Vedere Grup Sanitar.jpg
04 Vedere Grup Sanitar.jpg
  • Bathroom covered with ceramic wall and floor tiles

  • Toilet bowl with hidden tank

  • Sink with faucet

  • Shower cabin with battery and curtain

  • Bathroom lighting fixture

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