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shipping and stacking


The Tiny Hubs can be used together or individually. The modular design gives you the extensive flexibility to configure your perfect Tiny Hub setup. Think of it as a puzzle where all modules are compatible with each other. Add extra segments for extra space, in any direction. The stage is yours. 

Modern House
Semi-Truck on Overpass


Each Hub can be easily moved anywhere you want, due to its modular design. The Hubs can be transported on a truck or shipped to your desired destination. We make sure that our Hubs are able to withstand long distance travel, by building them strong with the best materials. This provides them with structural stability and enables them to be lifted on and off the truck, and carried to their final stop without any damage. As a plus, due to their well-built structure, these tiny homes don’t require any foundation and can be set up with minimal preparations. This means the Hubs can be easily moved from the seaside to the mountains and back.

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