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about tiny hubs

The tiny house movement has become a rapid-growing trend around the world bringing revelry to minimalist living, as well as allowing owners to easily relocate without leaving their home behind. 

Tiny living is much more affordable overall compared to traditional housing, even including relocating costs. Money usually spent on planning, permits, property taxes, maintenance and utilities can be saved and, since tiny houses consume less resources and energy, they are also friendlier to the environment. Additionally, owning a tiny house makes a change of scenery easier than ever. Whether you want a permanent place or like to relocate from time to time, a tiny house can become your perfect home.


This concept spoke to us and we immersed ourselves in the tiny house movement and its potential to create affordable housing and quality design accessible. We got inspired by the concept of having a tiny house that allows you to have all the comfort and smart appliances of a modern home without rooting you in one place, and we decided to share with others our simple, yet profound idea that once you need less, you will have more.

Hand in hand with our beliefs, we translated this philosophy into Tiny Hubs, and we built the first smart tiny homes in Romania. 

We put great dedication and hard work into each Tiny Hub that comes to life, to ensure the highest level of comfort for our Tiny-Hubbers. With attention to details and commitment to top-notch quality, we custom-build every Hub according to the owners’ needs and wishes, size- or technology-wise.

And with that, we believe that owning a tiny house shouldn’t mean renouncing the smart home comforts. On the contrary, we deck out the Hubs with state-of-the-art gadgets and clever controls to ensure a modern living for every “Tiny-Hubber”.



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Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, I have always been very keen on following the latest technological trends and staying up to date with the most recent smart devices. After studying programming, engineering and applied sciences in both Romania and The Netherlands, I developed an interest for the minimalist lifestyle and the benefits it can bring to people and the environment.

Trying to make the best out of a difficult period, I founded Tiny Hubs in the spring of 2020 to follow my passion. My goal is to encourage people to embrace the tiny house movement either by owning a personal Hub, or a vacation Hub rental business.

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