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Smart home


The internet of things has taken by storm not only the workplace environment, but also the setting of people’s homes. With the increasing digitalization and swift technological advancement, we want to place the control at the fingertips of our Tiny-Hubbers, and give them the ability to control all devices and appliances in their home from their smartphone or tablet.



Switch from a movie night to a working setting, with a single tap. Or, if you prefer, just ask your voice assistant to set the scene for your special moment. While we know that nothing beats the child-like thrill of being able to command your home gadgets using your voice alone, having such a system is also extremely practical. The smart-lighting enables you to control the mood in your home with little to no effort. Raise the lights when it’s getting dark to continue your reading without leaving the couch, turn them off when you’re settled into bed, schedule them to turn on early in the morning to start the day just right or set the light colour temperature according to your needs. Everything is possible and it can make all the difference.


Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could wake up every morning and open the blinds without having to crawl out of bed? Luckily, you can. The smart blinds installed in the Tiny Hubs make this possible, allowing you to control the amount of light that comes into your home with automated programs. Plus, it may also save your energy bill some relief by blocking out sun heat on those hot summer days. 



Home security is essential, and with smart locks, we provide our Tiny-Hubbers with a sense of peace being either at home or away. Set your smart lock to lock the door automatically if it’s been left unlocked for a certain amount of time or check on your smart device while you’re away to see if your house is secured. Moreover, you never have to fish around for your keys again, everything can be controlled from your phone. However, you can always use a normal key to open or lock the door. You choose. And if you want to let your friends in when you’re gone, you can unlock the door for them from wherever you are or give them access using their own device. As easy as that.


With the smart home system, you can set up processes that make your life way easier, using “scenes”. You can customize the sequences of technology in your home and put them together to create an experience.

Let’s paint a clearer picture. It’s raining and you feel like watching a movie.

- “Hey Siri, it’s movie time”. 

The lights go out. Four Edison bulbs and the projector that illuminates the bathroom door light up at minimum intensity. The light is warm. The door gets locked and the air conditioner moves its blades up so that the air doesn’t reach you directly. All the blinds close. Netflix is on. 

Just lay back and enjoy your movie.

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