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plug 'n play


Just like plugging your phone into the charger, the Hubs are equipped with a quick connector and need to be plugged in to the power supply using the included cable. The entire electrical system is set in place from our atelier, the only thing you need to do is  plug your Hub in and it’s ready for immediate use.

Electricity Plugs
Hand Sprinkler


It's really easy to get water into your tiny Hub for kitchen and bath use. Each module can be easily attached to the water supply via a quick connector. And to guarantee that you have warm water even in the coldest of days, the Hub is equipped with a high capacity water heater. 

Not to worry, we took care of the plumbing system too. Your Hub can be quickly connected to a public sewer to dispose all the wastewater. As an optional extra, the Hubs can have incorporated water and septic tanks for venues without a water supply or sewage.


The Tiny Hubs are fully finished in our atelier and shipped to your location in one or several modules, ready for final connection at the destination. If applicable, the modules are completed with interior and exterior finishes, flooring, kitchen equipment, bathrooms and pre-installed plumbing and lighting, as well as smart appliances.

The exact day your Hub arrives, it can be assembled and connected to energy and water supply in no more than 2-3 hours before it’s ready to accommodate you.  

Enjoy your Hub from day 1!

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