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We are the first smart tiny home builders in Romania, aiming to prove that downsizing does not have to mean downgrading. Working and living by the mantra “once you need less, you will have more”, Tiny Hubs sets out to hearten the minimalist-living movement by building one-of-a-kind homes with high-end design and impeccable craftsmanship, focusing on eco-friendly practices and dedication to comfort and quality.


We achieve great standards by using premium materials, alongside optimal thermal insulation. Finished with waterproof materials to ensure long lasting protection and durability, each Tiny Hub is designed to withstand all weather conditions. Seaside or mountain top, our Hubs ensure your highest level of comfort.

The control is now at your fingertips! From locks to lights and everything in between, you can manage all the appliances in your home using the included iPad or your own smartphone. Just tell Siri what you would like, and it’s taken care of!


The Tiny Hubs are comprised of modules that can be easily connected, to provide a larger space, and smoothly disconnected, for an effortless transportation. The modular setup provides you with unlimited freedom to create your dream home, and great flexibility, to move it anywhere your heart desires.

We build your Tiny Hub in our atelier in Bucharest area. When it’s ready, we ship the modules to your desired location and connect it on the spot. Quick water connectors, electricity plugs and all other utilities are immediately set in place and your Tiny Hub is ready to use from day one.

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